A little late but...Happy New Year to you Metalordians! We wish you a wicked year filled with all the sins you like! We have some nice surprises for y'all in 2016 videos! Live performances and maybe more! Thanks for your support and stay tuned!


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2017.06.23 ROCKFEST, Montebello
2017.07.14 Ouverture de METALLICA,
Festival d'Été de Québec
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Welcome to METALORD'S Vault! Melodic yet full of anger and strength, METALORD is the bare essence of pure Metal. Stay up to date with our latest news.

METALORD open for METALLICA at FEQ 2017!

METALORD to open for METALLICA on the Plains of Abraham at Le Festival d’été de Québec ! An absolute blast of a fantastic news for Metalord to have the chance to play with the world’s biggest metal music band on July 14th !

METALORD au FEQ en ouverture de METALLICA sur les Plaines d’Abraham !! Une nouvelle absolument fantastique pour Metalord de pouvoir jouer en compagnie du plus grand groupe de musique métal au monde le 14 juillet prochain!

Official video "Speed of life"



Mathieu Boivin

Date of birth: August 20th 1981
Birthplace: La Malbaie, Quebec, Canada
Favorite bands: Testament, Genesis, Frank Zappa
Favorite movie/ TV serie: Quest for fire, Inhumanoïd, Walking dead, Game of thrones, Transformers
Hobbies: Video gaming, planes
Sport: Baseball, hockey, cricket
Likes: Anything wrapped in bacon
Inspirations: Jim Morrison, Frank Zappa, Sid Vicious

A-J Belley

Date of birth: November 27th
Birthplace: Baie-St-Paul, Quebec
Favorite bands: Symphon X, In flames, Testament, Dream Theater, Pantera, Alterbridge, etc
Favorite movie/ TV serie: The Walking Dead, Sons of anarchy, Z nation, american horror story, G.O.T, Arrow
Hobbies: Playing drums, travel, playing guitar and sign, go out for dinner with buddies, enjoy life and kick ass!
Sport: Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, Swimming, Run, Hunting (not animal) haha
Likes: Construction, music, whiskey and local beer, healthy meal, psychology, UFC and The Simpsons
Inspirations: Mike Portnoy, Lars Ulrich, Vinnie Paul, Nicko Mcbrain, Stewart Copeland, Nick Menza, John Bonham

Sebastien Maltais

Date of birth: January 8th
Birthplace: Les Escoumins, Quebec, Canada
Favorite bands: Voivod, Opeth, Metallica, Rush, Gojira
Favorite movie/ TV serie: Apocalyspe now, Vikings, The Walking Dead, Homeland
Hobbies: Reading, writing, motorcycling
Sport: Hockey, jogging, gym
Likes: Travel, fine cuisine, Cabernet-sauvignon and Cognac, Ducati superbikes
Inspirations: Richard Desjardins, Jean-Yves “ Blacky” Thériault, Dave Ellefson, Cliff Burton, Geedy

Marc Belanger

Date of birth: December 11th
Birthplace: Baie-St-Paul, Quebec, Canada
Favorite bands: Nirvana, Metallica, Megadeth, Rammstein
Favorite movie/ TV serie: Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, American Horror Story, Dexter, The Walking Dead
Hobbies: Metalord, singing and playing guitar, reading, writing, ATV motor
Sport: jogging, gym, fishing, hunting
Likes: Travel, fine cuisine, red wines and Cognac, Ferrari cars
Inspirations: Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl, James Hetfield, Dave Mustaine, Kirk Hammet

Metalord is a four piece band from Quebec city, Canada but they were formerly from Charlevoix, just close from this beautiful city. The band officially formed in 2007 around Marc Bélanger on vocals and guitars, A-J Belley on vocals and drums and it is now completed with Sébastien Maltais on bass and Mathieu Boivin as the lead-guitar player.

Inspired from the beginning by the american « Big four » thrash metal movement, the band evolved throughout the years to become an ensemble mixing the original thrash spirit of the ‘80’s with a modern metal sauce, as well as exploiting intense melody wich is going to please an open ear willing to taste hooky choruses and scorching riffage.

Launched in 2015, their debut album Speed of life earned national and international praise with its fast and intense offer. The album got Metalord on stages around, the province and most notably openning for prog metal legends Queensrÿche at l’Impérial de Québec in 2016 while the self- titled Speed of life vidéo is keeping on showing what the band is capable of. Metalord is ready to bring over its metal madness full speed ahead, hang on !

Metalord est un quatuor dont les membres, maintenant installés à Québec, sont tous originaires de Charlevoix. Le groupe s’est officiellement formé en 2007 autour de Marc Bélanger au chant et à la guitare, et d’A-J Belley au chant et à la batterie. Le groupe est aujourd’hui complété par Sébastien Maltais à la basse et par Mathieu Boivin à la guitare solo.

Influencé à ses débuts par le « Big Four » du thrash métal américain, Metalord a évolué au cours des années pour devenir un ensemble mélangeant l’esprit thrash traditionnel des années ’80 à une sauce métal décidément moderne, tout en exploitant des mélodies qui sauront plaire à une oreille attentive en quête de refrains accrocheurs et de riffs décapants.

Lancé en 2015, l’album Speed of life a suscité des réactions plus que positives au niveau national et international grâce son offre musicale à la fois rapide et intense. L’album a propulsé le groupe sur les scènes de la région notamment lors d’une très remarquée première partie du groupe Queensrÿche à l’Impérial de Québec en 2016 alors que le clip de la chanson titre Speed of life continue à montrer aux internautes ce dont le groupe est capable. Metalord est prêt à exporter son métal à toute vitesse, accrochez-vous !


Press release

JLM music


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METALORD : Debut album “Speed of Life” and video release

Quebec City, April 14th  - METALORD announces its new album and releases its  first video "Speed of Life". The full album entitled "Speed of Life" is distributed by Universal Music in Canada and Believe Digital worldwide.

In support of its new album, METALORD has released its first new video and is prepping to perform across Canada. The video was directed by Karl Duchesne and was filmed at the TRISTAR-Nordik Fight Club facilities in Quebec City.

Video link :

Melodic, yet full of power and strength, METALORD is the bare essence of pure Metal. For its first album, METALORD approached music producer Jean Perruno, known for his work with Canadian act JLM (1.5 million copies sold throughout the world, nominated at the Juno Awards & Much Music Video Awards). Together they refined the musical direction of the songs and recorded the album at the Sylver Recording Studio in Quebec city.

The band started in the early 2000's as a noisy outfit in singer/ lead guitarist Marc Belanger's parent’s basement in Quebec. The original line-up also featured A-J Belley on the drums, joined by the bass player Sebastien Maltais and solo guitarist Samuel Pare.  Inspired by their heroes from Metallica, Megadeth, Nirvana, Pantera, Slayer and other great bands, the band has played in bars, festivals and parties in Canada since then. METALORD used the classic recipe: playing as a cover band first, they then replaced covers with their own material. The band gained local recognition, which is expanding day by day, always for the pleasure of packed and metal friendly audiences. 

The band is set to tour extensively this coming year. Be sure to see and enjoy this new musical sensation coming to a city near you.

SOURCE: JLMMUSIC, Universal Music, Believe Digital

For more details go to: JLMMUSIC

Information and interview opportunities:

Jean Perruno / JLMMUSIC
Phone 1 : 418.934.3939
Phone 2 : 418.666.8159

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